Database Driven Websites

What are database driven websites?

Also called 'dynamic' websites, database driven websites are sites that have content that changes. This is in opposite to 'static' websites where the content on the site never changes. Basically, in a database driven site, the website grabs information from a linked database and then displays that information onto the webpage every time it's loaded. So, if the information in the database changes, which means the webpage connected to the database will also change (automatically). Think of your email account, when you log in, your inbox changes based on new emails, deleted emails, etc., since your email account is linked to a database that's continually changing.

 How can my business benefit from database driven websites?

There are many ways you can apply database-driven websites to help your business. First, suppose you have a website that introduces your products/services to your audience. You may want to update your website for monthly promotions, seasonal discounts, or simply modify content on the site to allow for better information. You can also have blog articles that display new articles to your audience every month. All this means you need to have a database-driven website. Secondly, with a database driven site, you can create webpages on your website that could provide visitors access to website-only members and communicate between them, therefore, allowing you to create a unique community of users that are able to talk to each other and relay concerns (community forums). Another application is E-Commerce websites where you may sell certain products to visitors. Your site would be linked to a database that helps users know which items are available, which are sold out, etc. In this case, it would be absolutely necessary to have a website that has updated information for its users.

 Does Webscope offer database-driven websites?

Yes. In fact, just about all the websites we create for our clients are database driven. In today's technology era, your business needs flexibility to keep up with changing demands and to give the most value to your audience. We understand this and, as a result, we make sure to give you flexible, responsive, database driven websites to help you stay ahead of your competitors and appeal to your target audience, all aimed to grow your business. Contact us for a free consultation if you want to learn more.