Blog Management

What exactly is a blog?

Think of a blog as a set of articles about a certain subject. These articles are usually organized in chronological order, with the most recent article first. Blog articles are usually written in an informal and conversational style aimed to give valuable and relevant information to your target audience. For example, if you have a flooring company, your website may have a blog section with articles that talk about a variety of subjects such as how to maintain certain flooring, how to choose flooring, what flooring options are most appropriate for certain situations, etc.

 What is the benefit of having a blog?

There are many reasons to have a blog. Blogs are not limited to companies or certain individuals. Anyone can blog. People blog about the news, about their personal lives, about motivation, about any topic you can think of! But, as a company, blogs are to create relevant content to keep people coming back to learn more about a certain topic and to make it easier for them to buy once they actually come to need your products or services (since you can steer them to your products/service through a call-to-action at the and of a blog for example. Another HUGE benefit of a blog is SEO, to help search engines find and rank your site higher since the more relevant, fresh, and valuable content you have, the better your site  will rank.

 Who usually writes and manages a blog?

Again, normal people can blog about everyday things and, for companies, you can have certain personnel write your article or you can have a digital marketing like Webscope write and manage your blogs since, for SEO purposes, there’s much more to a blog than simply the content. This includes keyword optimization, proper headings, proper alt-text for your images, appropriate meta-tags, link-building, and so much more. Usually, for a company, a blog is to help people find you on search engines. For your blog to do this, you would need someone who can write and optimize your blog for SEO.