General Questions

Why should I market my business online?

No matter what you sell and where you sell it, you can be sure that your potential customers are online learning about your products, asking about your products, and looking for the best companies to get started with their transactions. If your business cannot be found online, then you’ll be losing an immensely-huge share of these opportunities and customers. Lastly, it isn’t a luxury to market yourself online anymore. It’s become necessary to simply keep up with your competitors.

 Why would I work with companies like Webscope and not do the work ourselves?

Even though you’re never limited to working with a digital marketing comapny, we highly encourage it for the sake of your business. If you don’t live and breathe digital marketing like we do, there is absolutely no way you can specialize in it and, therefore, get effective results.Time and time again we get customers that come to us after they’ve spent so much of their own time and resources trying to design their website and market themselves online. The truth is digital and online marketing is a vast world. It’s also too important to do piecemeal. The wise thing is to focus on what you do best, your core business, and let us help you grow in the meantime.

 How long will it be before I can expect results?

This is a very common and important question. This would depend on several factors such as 1) your particular service and 2) the particular aggressiveness and budgeting of your marketing efforts. A comprehensive and aggressive marketing plan will give quicker and more effective results. This is the routh always recommended by Webscope. However, it also depends on your particular business goals and the specific Webscope services you use to achieve these goals.