Phone Apps

What are mobile apps?

Mobile apps are software programs/applications designed specifically for small devices such as smartphone, iPads, tablets, etc., rather than for desktop and laptop computers. To illustrate, every app on your smartphone is designed for a specific purpose, such as your Gmail app, your ‘Maps’ app, etc. Therefore, you can create an app for just about anything.

 How can they help with my business?

The potential for apps to help your business is unlimited. Creativity is a key part here, to understand or think of a way for an application to help you reach potential customers, perhaps make things easier for existing customers (e.g. scheduling appointments through an app instead of having to call your office), and streamline inefficient processes in your business such as the way your employees would clock in. With mobile apps, the sky is your limit.

 Who can create apps for me? Is this something I can do myself?

Creating applications is a highly technical process that needs an expert programmer or developer. You cannot do it on your own unless your a specialized programmer. You can hire programmers & developers to do the job, such as our developing team at Webscope. Contact us for a free consultation if you want to learn more.